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Drastically reduce your bandwidth usage
You can offload up to
8 3
percent of your bandwidht

Robust delivery

Teltoo works alongside your preferred CDN, turning video distribution into a reliable experience

Forget about never ending deployments

  • Select your video player
  • Include the plugin
  • Start saving bandwidth
Seamless integration

No development required

Sign up, get your API key and include the script.

Discover why our customers love us

Scalable CDN

Deliver HD and 4K quality at TV scale: the number of viewers is part of the solution, not the problem.

Deliver to everywhere

Video delivery to certain locations is costly and risky. With Teltoo’s P2P system that’s not a problem anymore.

No pluggin required

It’s compatible with most of browsers so viewers are not forced to install any plugin or app.

Fast & easy deployment

We integrate & partner with major video players so whatever your choice you don’t need to modify your workflow.

Higher video availability

Our pure HTML5 professional P2P solution is able to deliver HD/4K quality video even during the most demanding audience peaks.

Reduce bandwidth usage

Thanks to our technology, we’re able to offer you unparalleled performance at the best prices.

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